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Bunce phone-in tonight from 7pm

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Anyone going to phone in? :think
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Someone phone in and give CHB a plug please :deal
This bloke calling in at the moment sounds like Vano with a cold.
So of all the people apparently desperate to phone in.. the first call they take is one where some bloke asks how to become a cutman? :lol:
Am I on my own here? Gonna tuck in to some popcorn chicken while I do this call-by-call thread.

I'm sold on Macklin/Lee in Ireland now. That'd be awesome.
:lol: Here we go.. a let's talk Ricky Burns up call.
Bunce has already pretty much gave away that one of the Afolabi/Huck rounds is his round of the year. :patsch

Worst competition ever. BoxBusters > BunceBusters.
Cleverly just admitted he was worried about going to Germany to fight Krasniqi because he might get robbed on the scorecards :lol:
Andy Lee says he's sparred with Krasniqi and said something like: "technically he's not very good but he's strong and has good instincts of knowing when to punch"
She phoned in just to guess something then not ask any questions? :lol: :patsch
Buncey saying that judges aren't corrupt :patsch
There is an argument to be made that they're just inept tbf.
Nah I don't buy that. Sometimes that's the case. But when 95% of dodgy decisions go to the home fighter then it's more than just a coincidence.
Brendan from Liverpool phones in just to mention every pro boxer in Liverpool :lol:
"Hiya Bunce. I'd like to talk about David Price. He's doing well. And Kevin Satchell. And then you've got the Smith brothers. Oh and Derry Mathews. Bye."
Fuck me. Dale from Manchesteeerrrr phones in to say, "are you all set for Christmas, Steve?". Then he fucks off :lol:
I don't want us to fall out over this, man.
It is what it is.
Some caller from Wales: "and I don't think Burns would last 2 rounds with Broner to be honest"
Bunce: "Ok."

Sharon from @Buff Orpington phones in to ask "Can you two do a thumbs up to my son, Freddy? Hehehehe. Thanks" :patsch
1 - 20 of 75 Posts
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