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Bunce phone-in tonight from 7pm

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Anyone going to phone in? :think
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i'd be tempted but youd have to lie to get past the people filtering the calls to ask anything worthwhile or let Fwank have a piece of your mind, is it worth the effort just tohear him come up with somebullshit about how Burns-Broner and Clev-Anyone with a pulse are basically done deals and will be next
not watching but has anyone managed to get through on a decent call? ie. pushing them as to why Frank Warren keeps feeding us, in my opinion, bullshit about Broner/Shumenov/Cloud being next for Burns and Cleverly when theres no way he'll do that? And why they're pushing the WBO "mandatory" shit with Cleverly again? Do they think we're fucking stupid?

Cheers guys @Roe @Lunny id love someone to pretend to be calling with something sincere and pin them on that, i'd absolutely love that
I think Dawson refusing to fight was more indicative of the fix than the scoring. The guy literally threw 3 punches per round and looked like he was putting nothing into them, yet still somehow scored a knockdown. he could have took Flintoff out in one if he wanted to.
was it someone on here or maybe a boxer on twitter said thats the first accidental knockdown he'd seen? where the guy scoring it looked like he'd fucked things up, interesting to see what payment he got and think how that might have been different if he'd lost
1 - 4 of 75 Posts
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