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Bunce phone-in tonight from 7pm

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Anyone going to phone in? :think
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I'm here @Roesef, though I'm cooking dinner too.

This is good so far, just a nice relaxed ting you know? The sort of thing where Buncey's at his best. Bunce's bread and butter. Bread and Bunce. Bunce.
Poor lad asked who had the better resume and they're answering who would win a fight. Controversy.
This bloke is a barrel of laughs.
Yeah, good bants though, forgot Bunce's name :lol:. 13 heart attacks and a dodgy stomach but he's got a fit Italian wife.
:lol: Here we go.. a let's talk Ricky Burns up call.
:lol: The Scotch man was definitely from the Brit 'Burns love' forum....
Bunce has already pretty much gave away that one of the Afolabi/Huck rounds is his round of the year. :patsch

Worst competition ever. BoxBusters > BunceBusters.
:lol: If you're so sure I'm giving it a go.

He's got Cleverley on now..
She phoned in just to guess something then not ask any questions? :lol: :patsch
:lol: I keep missing the funny ones when I go to sort out food.:patsch
Buncey saying that judges aren't corrupt :patsch
There is an argument to be made that they're just inept tbf.
Nah I don't buy that. Sometimes that's the case. But when 95% of dodgy decisions go to the home fighter then it's more than just a coincidence.
Crowd influence could play a part sometimes?

Fair point though.
"What's on your Christmas list, Bunce?" :rofl
Some caller from Wales: "and I don't think Burns would last 2 rounds with Broner to be honest"
Bunce: "Ok."

:lol: Was a bit awkward.

I see it Broner stopping him around the 7-9 mark tbh.
@Markyboy86, that better not be you adding another Scottish anti-Broner, Burns love call!
:rofl This guy's son is called 'Mayweather Jr Ranking'. LAAAAAAAAAAAAD
You just can't go round naming your kids Mayweather Jr Ranking, you just caaaaan't! tearing up this competition! Too easy for him.
Did Doug just get cut off? Bit abrupt.

not watching but has anyone managed to get through on a decent call? ie. pushing them as to why Frank Warren keeps feeding us, in my opinion, bullshit about Broner/Shumenov/Cloud being next for Burns and Cleverly when theres no way he'll do that? And why they're pushing the WBO "mandatory" shit with Cleverly again? Do they think we're fucking stupid?

Nah nothing's gone off script like that.
:rofl:rofl:rofl This lad doesn't understand how a phone works.
fun show that i thought....pity some of the questions from twitter didnt make it.
Aye, I asked on twitter about Donaire-Rigo. Probs should have called in.

Was a good 2 hour chat I thought. What Bunce does best. Liked hearing from Andy Lee too and Colin McMillan too.
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