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Bundrage - Spinks Rbr

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Hi guys, anyone staying up?

Lara-Hernandez and Gary Russel Jr on the undercard. Should be good.

On ShoBox if anyone's watching.
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Laz! Yeah I'm here, Lara/Hernandez should be good for as long as it lasts.
Yeah, I'm excited to see how GR looks tonight also. He's looking great so far. By the way, can't you edit titles in this place? When I make an edit, it just has that logo thingy that spins but the edited title never saves. Weird.
I've had that problem too, admin said he'd try and fix it. Don't know anything about Russell's opponent, might give him some rounds as he's not a puncher.

Lara's speed is the difference early.
Well Hernandez isn't being blown away but he's lost both rounds clearly.
3rd was much better for Hernandez, harder to score. Lara back in control in the 4th.
Bad headbutts, if he took a point away that's not an accidental butt so if it gets stopped what happens?
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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