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Burns vs Mitchell winner may be forced into bout with Adrien Broner.

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I like Broner. I even don't find the hair brushing thing annoying. Would love to see him in with the winner of Burns-Mitchell.
Surely this is just a complicated ruse to clear your name as Scott Gilfoid?
You love a complicated ruse, Bryn. I think that you are a frustrated sleuth.
:hi: Hi Simon.

I do love a complicated ruse, you're right. Plus, we've already established that my house is like that of Victorian detective, maybe I am in fact a modern daay Holmes? :think
:hi: Bryn.

We did, you're right. I don't know how many residences occupy the grand boulevard which numbers Chez West among its more desirable habitations, but perhaps you need to get together with your neighbours and institute a mild renumbering that could result in your acquiring the number 221b?

Didn't Holmes actually solve cases though?:think
These things have to start small and build. What comes first - topping the Times bestseller list, or buying a typewriter? Bringing a notorious band of brigands to justice, or securing premises from which to launch West Investigations?
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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