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Burns vs Mitchell winner may be forced into bout with Adrien Broner.

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Whos he mate?
An absolute mong who posts nonsense like this:

"I just hope Burns stays put and defends his WBO lightweight title against Broner so we can finally see how Burns does when he faces someone good for a change. I see Broner knocking Burns cold after he pries him off of him."

They're just troll articles to get hits.
Thought he was just being honest!. Read the comments below the article and he does seem a bit of a Brit basher by the comments!

Wonder if there is much truth to the article?
I like Broner, I dont think hes the second coming of Floyd or anything, but he is very good for a what is he 22/23 year old. Also love his cockyness, I love cocky fighters. Some people dont, I do.
Lets see what he does when he gets to his true weight.
Defo mate.
What he's Freddy Krueger from ESB???
I long suspected he was a mod from ESB. Someone then posted that Gilfoid said he was highly educated on twitter so Zakman came into the suspect list.
The final piece of the puzzle was it was revealed that Zakman is Kruger!

So what's he doing on here then???? Is it an alt?
1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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