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Burns vs Mitchell winner may be forced into bout with Adrien Broner.

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Thought he was just being honest!. Read the comments below the article and he does seem a bit of a Brit basher by the comments!

Wonder if there is much truth to the article?
Boxing news24 also have something to do with ESB I believe, part ownership? or something like that. It is General forum standard tbf.
I really want to see Broner beaten.

This hypetrain around him is ridiculous.

You'd think he'd beaten Mayweather or some shit.
Agreed, it will happen soon as well, Im convinced of it.
I like Broner, I dont think hes the second coming of Floyd or anything, but he is very good for a what is he 22/23 year old. Also love his cockyness, I love cocky fighters. Some people dont, I do.
I don't mind cocky fighters providing they have something to be cocky about, for me Broner has done nothing to warrant his cockyness, he beats up smaller guys, most can't be put in the world class bracket. Its on the verge of bullying.
Lets see what he does when he gets to his true weight.
That will make or break him as a fighter, If he's still knocking people out and showing glimpses of flashiness while doing it, then he can be as cocky as he wants.
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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