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Burns vs Mitchell winner may be forced into bout with Adrien Broner.

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What he's Freddy Krueger from ESB???
I long suspected he was a mod from ESB. Someone then posted that Gilfoid said he was highly educated on twitter so Zakman came into the suspect list.
The final piece of the puzzle was it was revealed that Zakman is Kruger!
Surely this is just a complicated ruse to clear your name as Scott Gilfoid?
The evidence is "irrefutable" Bryn!:yep
:hi: Hi Simon.

I do love a complicated ruse, you're right. Plus, we've already established that my house is like that of Victorian detective, maybe I am in fact a modern daay Holmes? :think
Didn't Holmes actually solve cases though?:think
These things have to start small and build. What comes first - topping the Times bestseller list, or buying a typewriter? Bringing a notorious band of brigands to justice, or securing premises from which to launch West Investigations?
I'm thinking the opium pipe would be a good start and you probably need to change your name to Watson too!
So what's he doing on here then???? Is it an alt?
No alt man. The Wallet is just gibbering shite.:thumbsup
1 - 6 of 34 Posts
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