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Bute vs Pascal off?!

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Twitter saying Bute is out with an injured hand? Real interesting fight this as well
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Fucks sake. Was looking forward to that.
And me, real interesting one, who do they draft in for Pascal or do they scrap it?
They're unlikely to get anyone good in at this notice I reckon. Hope they get someone in, would like to see Pascal out with two arms working.
Literally just about to post this...

Jean Pascal (@jeanpascalchamp) tweeted at 6:48 PM on Tue, May 07, 2013:
@InterBoxBute is out!!! @THEREALBHOP are you available for May25th on HBO ?
:lol: Longshot but maximum respect to both if they did that.
Shumenov would be class as a last minute replacement.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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