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BW division. Teddy´s Top Ten All-Time Bantamweights.

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By Teddy Atlas. from The Ultimate Book of Boxing Lists.

Check out his List.

1- Panama Al Brown
2- Eder Jofre
3- Ruben Olivares
4- Carlos Zarate
5- Fighting Harada
6- Manuel Ortiz
7- Orlando Canizales
8- Jeff Chandler
9- Raul MAcias
10- Pete Herman.

What do you think ?

Like I said number 1 is Jofre, but I don´t have a problem with people rating Ortiz or Al Brown above him.....these two are the ones that can take his position.

I think Teddy underrated Ortiz and overrated Macias. Nothing against Macias, but Rose deserves his place in the list IMO.
Canizales also is too high IMO.....

Opinions ?
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1. McGovern
2. Jofre
3. Olivares
4. Zarate
5. Ortiz
6. Brown
7. Herman
8. Harada
9. Chucho
10. Herrera

I'll take the bottom two, in any order, over Raton, as well as the long 'reigning' guys like Canizales & Chandler, and over Pintor too.

Rose over all of those, if anyone breaks top ten it's him. Lynch? I know of his prowess but know more of Pete Herman at the mo'.
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I'd love to see Galindez-Ahumada as well :yep ;)
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