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Says Cotto gave Floyd a good fight in spots. Says he thought Oscar beat Floyd, but that Castillo fought Mayweather well but didn't win. A little cooky, but I think we can mark it down as him showing gratitude & appreciation for his boss.

Saul is such a tank physically. He proved to have been underrated in terms of boxing ability and skills in his last fight, but like most have said the question marks are in regard to his stamina. Can he maintain enough of an activity. Cotto did have quite enough of a tank to overcome the skill disparity. Alvarez is physically bigger and superior to Cotto, though. Hopefully he tries to boss his jab the way his idol did, and the way Cotto could. He may fade down the stretch like his idol did which probably will make the difference in the fight. I think he has a great chance, though. The best chance since of anyone since Oscar fought Floyd.
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