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Canelo vs Trout, how did you score the fight????

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I had it 114-114 and so far the press scores i have collected have been around 50-50.

I will not be doing a fight report for my site as i have computer problems and on the work computer lol but i can collect scores when home and on twitter @thefightscore

The scores along with an average score from the press and fans combined will also be added on my site

Thanks for any scores provided.
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I'm just about to re watch on the Boxnation re run so will post up soon
116-113 Canelo for me, early rounds Trout was busier but not alot connecting really, I had a few even rounds.
Trout's being credited for doing things he wasn't really doing. If Mayweather had lain on the ropes like Alvarez did and dodge eight of ten shots, we'd call it a masterclass. Because Alvarez does it, he's being pressured by Trout.
I was saying similar to a mate who's yet to see the fight, how Canelo made Trout miss so much .
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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