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Canelo vs Trout, how did you score the fight????

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I had it 114-114 and so far the press scores i have collected have been around 50-50.

I will not be doing a fight report for my site as i have computer problems and on the work computer lol but i can collect scores when home and on twitter @thefightscore

The scores along with an average score from the press and fans combined will also be added on my site

Thanks for any scores provided.
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115-112 for Canelo.

Much like against Cotto, I thought Trout was being credited more than he should've been at times. Still a close fight though, no real objection either way.
What I keep seeing is that, because Alvarez didn't perform as well as hyped to do, and Trout did better than expected, it's skewed the perception of what actually happened. Trout had his moments for sure, but he was generally landing a jab on Alvarez's arms and gloves, or missing entirely. He got some good shots in and moved Canelo around, but from the third on, the ginger warrior was landing hard shots and generally avoiding much of what came back.

If he'd kept his workrate up, we wouldn't even be having this debate. I think @Pabby has it right - Trout's being credited for doing things he wasn't really doing. If Mayweather had lain on the ropes like Alvarez did and dodge eight of ten shots, we'd call it a masterclass. Because Alvarez does it, he's being pressured by Trout.
Co-signed. I don't even think it's necessarily to the with Alvarez being underwhelming for some people, I think Trout in his last two fights has just been overly-credited for certain things. To the point where you could replace Mayweather's name with Trout's in your post and it would be just as - if not more - valid. But overall yeah, I agree. I don't really think "work rate" should win you rounds when most of that work is ineffective jabbing, even if Canelo's attacks were a bit too sporadic at times I felt they were generally more telling.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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