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Carl Froch vs Yusaf Mack

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Place your bets...
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Nuff has done the rounds. :happy

Legendary vBookie.
:lol: Took me long enough

You ever do this in the pub, two suits of cards one red one black (hearts and clubs for instance) everyone puts a quid in, draws a card, red is one fighter black is the other. If they draw the 8 of clubs, they have that fighter to win in the 8th round, and so on. Winner takes the lot.

Good laugh.
I've not done it, sounds good though. I'll give it a bash.

I'm on Froch KO 4,5 and 6. :smoke
Good man - I just think round betting adds value as well... not sure if it's against vBookie "rules" ...
We make the rules, James. We make the rules.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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