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Carl Froch vs Yusaf Mack

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Place your bets...
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Gimme a minute :lol:
Nuff has done the rounds. :happy

Legendary vBookie.
:lol: Took me long enough

You ever do this in the pub, two suits of cards one red one black (hearts and clubs for instance) everyone puts a quid in, draws a card, red is one fighter black is the other. If they draw the 8 of clubs, they have that fighter to win in the 8th round, and so on. Winner takes the lot.

Good laugh.
I've not done it, sounds good though. I'll give it a bash.

I'm on Froch KO 4,5 and 6. :smoke
Good man - I just think round betting adds value as well... not sure if it's against vBookie "rules" ...
Nuff for mod.
This man knows ..

.. as his signature would testify
I'll be editing the Klitschko one shortly as long as no one has bet
worth it

Not long now, folks. Does Mack have the power to crack that granite of Frochs? Will it go the distance? Are we in for an upset or will Froch stop him early and, if so, in what round?
You gonna bet doe?
Eyes down...
Edited pay out date and paid
1 - 11 of 20 Posts
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