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Chisora v Haye a 10 rounder?

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Apparently Warren confirmed it on BoxNation.

I didn't see it myself but it's being discussed on ESB..

Anyone heard anything?
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Why is everyone blaming Haye? There's nothing to suggest its his doing.

If the fight is for a strap, I can't see how a fighter can dictate the length of the bout. I reckon it was always a 10 rounder. That's what everyone was saying originally anyway
Originally it was always a 10 rounder. Then the WBA and WBO got involved and it became a title fight over 12 rounds. Today, warren said 'Haye wanted it as a 10 rounder, we wanted 12'. Colin Hart then said 'I was shocked to learn today that it is now a 10 rounder for a title. That use to be the case in the time of Gene Tunney, but not anymore.'
Even if Haye wanted to, he couldn't turn around 4 days before the fight and demand the length gets changed. No fucking way. Warren would have sued him to hell & back if he threatend to pull out

This would have been ironed out months ago. I wouldn't trust a word that comes out of Warrens Mouth
Yeah of course this is warren we're talking about. But this would have become public ages ago if it was always on the cards. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think Haye may have picked up a slight niggle and threatened to pull out, only for Warren to compromise. He looked absolute shit at the presser today.

That's only my opinion tho, and not based on much. Although Paddy Power have just announced they are refunding all losing 'round' betting in light of this news
Ill try and find out tomorrow if he has picked up an injury... I doubt he has though.

He was saying in the presser that his camp was great, & he's totally injury free. He actually made a point of saying that he was totally fit.
1 - 4 of 47 Posts
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