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Chisora v Haye a 10 rounder?

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Apparently Warren confirmed it on BoxNation.

I didn't see it myself but it's being discussed on ESB..

Anyone heard anything?
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:lol: I'm so, SO glad i didn't pay to go to this utter shambles.
Lets face it, We love longer fights and the gloss of a 12 rounder. It just looks better for us :lol:
It should be a 12 rounder and most bought tickets thinking it would be. 6 minutes of action is a long time in this sport we all know that but i can respect some feeling it's not a big deal.

Does anyone know exactly when this decision was made?.

None the less, Haye's going to win IMO.

Anyone see Danny Williams bit in BN?. He's going for Haye now cos of bits and pieces he's been told about how Chisora has looked in gym.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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