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Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn - CANCELLED

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You could ask what’s the relevance any weight division limit. Fighters normally rehydrate 10 to 20lbs after a weighin.

Relevance for this t fight is to weight drain Chris Eubank jr. 157lb. Who struggles to make 160lbs as it is. And then make it hard for him to fully rehydrate the following day. By setting a limit of 162lbs.

The standard rehydration clauses normally be 10lbs . This 5lbs limit makes things a lot tougher it means Eubank can’t fully re-hydrate right after the fight and will have stay dehydrated until the second weighin the following morning.

And for the record Conor Benin’s walk around weight is 168lb’s.

Anyway if Eubank jr gets whooped cus of this then there is no excuses. He agreed to this and signed the contract.

I don't understand why Eubank even took this fight. Beating Benn means nothing, and the weight-draining thing is just shyte piled on top of a nothing sandwich.

It's not a title fight, so Eubank should just miss the weight on purpose, and pay whatever the penalty is. What are they gonna' do, cancel the fight?
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Not only meaningless, but genuinely dangerous.

Fast Eddie is slime.
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Wonder what line Eddie is going to come out with. Conor did not cheat he was just trying to get pregnant.

Lol. 👍
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Just out of

(1) VADA has been hired by the promoters they are only obliged to present their results to the promoters. .......

And finally for those who dont know a B sample test is only carried out on the wishes of the accused athlete. If they dispute the result of the A sample and claim innocence they have the legal right to test have the B sample tested.

Are you saying that VADA is not obligated to tell the athlete who failed the test?

If so, then all the promotor has to do is secretly tell the athlete, wait a few weeks for the drugs to clear his system, and THEN pretend to tell him (and the public.)
- Then the athlete pretends to be shocked & outraged, and asks for a B sample.
Conor Benns trainer Tony Sims has also posted a statement. Saying in 26 years he has never witnessed a fighter fail a drugs test.

So he has never witnessed a fighter fail a test. His carefully worded that then the questiom has he in his 26 years ever witness a fighter take PED's or has he been aware of a fighter taking PED's?????


He's probably never witnessed any drug test at all. Why would he?
^ I'm trying to watch this podcast, but I can't tolerate having to look at that fraud of a trainer Tunde Ajayi for more than a few seconds.

Just can't do it.
^ You left out the "Mexican beef" excuse.

Tried & true.
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