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Chris John Vs Nonito Donaire Being Talked About For Next Year...

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At 126, according to Steve Kim's Twitter
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Good fight, Johns prime for the taking and its a credible enough fight to get the ball rolling for Donaire next year. Hopefully, should he win and I expect him to they have the balls to make the Rigondeux fight for the second half of the year and then they can build up the Mares fight properly once his contract is done and he switches over to TR.

Donaire v Mares 2014 - make is asap Bob - no more burnt cake.
When is Mares contract run out, he seems pissed off with GoldenBoy for offering him Leo Santa Cruz
Around spring next year I think but then again these contract issues can really drag out. mares should jump though, Top Rank has just about every credible opponent in the 3-4 weights around him so it would be daft for him to continue with Golden Boy considering they can't give him many good fights until he moves up to lightweight.
yea hope he does, like you say though not sure how easy it will be. He's managed by Frank Espinoza and think his fighters all stay with Golenboy and i dont see him leaving them, although i could be wrong there. cant think any Espinoza fighters being with Top Rank
John hasn't fought in the US since 2008, can't imagine he's still attached to GBP now.
swear he fought Rocky Juerez just a couple of years ago
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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