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Christmas Cracker well underway - Undercard results here

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Already Jones-Byrne, thought that would be televised, what is being shown? any plans to show these fights at 8? :think
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Wadi Camacho vs Hari Miles was a slugfest!!. Fanastic toe to toe fight that was..

Camacho eventually winning after trading a delayed reaction from Miles who looked to of landed the better shots in that sequence. He took a knee only to rise at 8 and have it waved off.

Camacho was down earlier in fight, Miles was hurt a few times but it was Miles who was looking the stronger as he landed numerous left hands. A true gutcheck, good matchmaking as well BTW. Tok's failed his medical and to get Miles in was a great idea, Good Am and a guy who had beaten decent fighters. Wadi needed that fight he really did.
:deal was the fight of the night no doubt. Would recommend it

Did you stay for Evangelou? I didn't wonna miss my train so I left before it started.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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