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going to import some of what i have found into here if thats alright.


ezzard charles looking towards an oncoming rocky marciano in their second fight..

rocky graziano v johnny greco

duran v leonard 1

ali v tommy hearns sparring exhibition...

and for those interested...a video clip of it...

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DARCY, JAMES LESLIE (1895-1917), boxer and folk hero, was born on 31 October 1895 at Stradbroke, near Maitland, New South Wales, second son of native-born parents Edward Darcy (or Dorsey), labourer and later a share-farmer, and his wife Margaret, née O'Rourke. His grandparents came from Tipperary, Ireland. Leaving Oakhampton Public School in 1907 Les worked as a carter before being apprenticed at 15 to a blacksmith at East Maitland. As his father was at times unemployed, and his elder brother was partly crippled, Les was called upon to help his large family.

he is pictured above in 1910 at the age of 15

he died from pneumonia at the age of 22
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Jack Johnson's Last Ring Appearance 1945...a year before he died.

exhibiton bout.

and the video...

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this shows a 'mountain riveria' poster on the wall....i've been trying to get the one from the film (requiem for a heavyweight) for years and no luck...bigger version of that one...

actually....that film has one of the best opening scenes i ever seen......and this was very forward thinking too for the time, using a first person perspective...

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patterson v johansonn

one of my favourites....walcott v harold johnson 1950

moore v marciano...

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excellent pics from you dkos...fair play.


probably everyones seen this fight....but, this version of the highlights is an exceptionally well edited video i think...normally i dont like some of the music used on some boxing videos on youtube, it spoils them, but in this case i think it really enhances well as that it is absolutely crystal clear of my favourite boxing videos on youtube at the moment this...
edited superbly and presented like an epic scene from a film...had the laptop hooked up to the telly and speakers and it looks fantastic on a big screen..

so..if you do watch...full volume and full screen...720p setting if you can..

another one of those great fights from madison square garden...although quarry was beaten handily enough in the end by frazier, for a couple of rounds he give him a great argument, so much so that the ring magazine made it their 'fight of the year 1969'...
the video as you can see here is superb, really well recorded, makes for fantastic viewing..

the two sugars !!

sugar hart and sugar ray..

sugar hart was no.1 welterweight contender....footage of his memorial here..

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basilio v de marco - boston 1955

robinson v basilio..

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some i uploaded this morning...

zale v graziano 3...

ali v foreman...always wondered why so many empty seats here...

hurricane carter..

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some ali ones...look at the definition on 1974 ali here in the first one...

after beating liston for the first time...look at bundini crying

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a mate of mine posted this beauty of a video on FB....1950 sugar ray robinson action in a good quality video for the time....worth the watch my pedigree chums...

the night the leamington licker won the british light heavyweight title.
look how cool turpin is here....go to 9.30 in the video and keep a close eye on randy...

ali v bob foster...

johansonn v patterson..

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riddle me did larry holmes get up from this ?...i've wondered for years, perhaps the perfect punch with full weight behind it, lands right on the button from one, if not THE, greatest punchers of all did he get up ?

(the shavers one here)

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