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going to import some of what i have found into here if thats alright.


ezzard charles looking towards an oncoming rocky marciano in their second fight..

rocky graziano v johnny greco

duran v leonard 1

ali v tommy hearns sparring exhibition...

and for those interested...a video clip of it...

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ali v bob foster...

johansonn v patterson..

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riddle me did larry holmes get up from this ?...i've wondered for years, perhaps the perfect punch with full weight behind it, lands right on the button from one, if not THE, greatest punchers of all did he get up ?

(the shavers one here)

Great to be here Dougie as my first (of many) addition here's a guy you might recognise :)

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great to have you here old photo thread companion :)
my grandad was at this....useless info i know...but he was very proud to have seen ali box..

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this is a photo that rockysplitnose found a while back and posted it.
mitch green could take some stick....took everything prime tyson hit him with.

"A snarling Tyson came to the center of the ring literally foaming from the mouth. The ever cocky Green , he always came to the ring sporting a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, barraged Tyson with insults. The action of the bout was to prove anti-climatic, Tyson as always was moving forward, but the 6'5″ Green managed to tie Tyson up repeatedly. Tyson's most effective display of offense came in the third round when he landed a blow to Green's jaw with force sufficient to dis-lodge a section of bridge work and send it flying several feet to the ring apron. Through it all "Blood" Green managed to survive the ten rounds, with Tyson the clear winner.
This was not the last time Iron Mike and Blood Green would meet. In the early morning hours of August 23, 1988, Mike Tyson stopped by Dapper Dans, a Harlem clothing store frequented by a clientele from rap stars to pimps. Tyson was there to pick up a custom made jacket. Mitch Green happened to be in the area and an argument ensued, in which Green threw a punch and Tyson responded with a straight right landing on the bridge of Green's nose; requiring five stitches. Although Tyson won this second bout, shades of Walker vs. Greb, he suffered more in the long run. The bare knuckle punch resulted in a fracture to Tyson's hand causing a postponement of his scheduled first fight with Frank Bruno"

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frank sinatras ringside photos..

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a retired joe louis when he turned to wrestling to help pay off his tax bills..

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rockysplitnose posted these a while back...SRR v lamotta

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