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On Sky Sports 2 (HD) from 8pm (UK Time):

20:10 - Danny Connor vs Chris Evangelou
21:00 - Lee Purdy vs Cosme Rivera
21:40 - George Groves vs Dario German Balmaceda
22:15 - Darren Barker vs Simone Rotolo

Times are estimates but that's the running order for the tv card.

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Was looking forward to Connor-Evangelou but only managed to catch a little bit of it. I hate when people you've seen mere hours ago start talking to you when you're trying to enter hermit-mode.:twisted Credit to @Vano-irons for displaying genius on that one though.

Rivera can't really do much to keep Purdy off of him here, constantly being forced to move along the ropes trying to keep him off balance.
1 - 20 of 156 Posts
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