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Cloud-Hopkins / Thurman-Zaveck Live Discussion Thread

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On Sky Sports 2 (HD) from 8pm (UK Time):

20:10 - Danny Connor vs Chris Evangelou
21:00 - Lee Purdy vs Cosme Rivera
21:40 - George Groves vs Dario German Balmaceda
22:15 - Darren Barker vs Simone Rotolo

Times are estimates but that's the running order for the tv card.
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spencer ferron ringside, what fighter has he got on the bill???
He works for Sky now so might just be there for that.
Groves still got the gingerbread man mascot with him :lol:
Oooh Evangelou down by a body shot and looks badly hurt but he's just about saved by the bell!
Cracking left hook to the body from Connor.
Not many in tonight?
Did Evangelou get stoppped?
Nah he held on but lost comfortably on points. 97-93 to Connor I think.
Really don't see the point of this Purdy fight being 12 rounds.
HBO start at 2:30 our time and I think are only showing Thurman/Zaveck then Hopkins/Cloud, so hopefully it won't be that late. Will still probably be too late for me though. I feel knackered already.
Ain't you a big 'Nard fan, Roseph?
I have been recently but doubt I'll make it.

He's gonna win though.

Or get robbed.

Or claim he got robbed.

Or get shutout.

Ooooorr get stopped mid-way through.
El Jorge Santos time! :bbb
I like Groves a lot but I'd piss myself if he lost tonight.
teeto you may think im stupid but i dont care lol
how did that homeless guy get into balmaceda's corner???
"He was loading up a bit too much for me looking for the stoppage" - says Carl Froch :lol:
how about george fighting the winner of abraham and steligliz (how ever you spell it)???
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This is a pretty crap card overall tbh tonight. It's a shame Carson Jones had to tuck into that shabby seafood and get ill.
Barker bombing this guy out early by the looks of it. Guy looks angry!
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