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Cloud-Hopkins / Thurman-Zaveck Live Discussion Thread

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On Sky Sports 2 (HD) from 8pm (UK Time):

20:10 - Danny Connor vs Chris Evangelou
21:00 - Lee Purdy vs Cosme Rivera
21:40 - George Groves vs Dario German Balmaceda
22:15 - Darren Barker vs Simone Rotolo

Times are estimates but that's the running order for the tv card.
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Checkin' in boys. Just munched two slices of toast and a steak pasty in the time it took to turn my computer on. How's purdy looked so far?
Rivera throwing some nice combo's just nothing on them.
Rivera giving a decent account of himself here.
Are sky allowed to say warren's name? aren't they supposed to refer to him as he who shall not be named?
This groves promo looks like a shit skateboarding compilation video.
Glenn McCrory
"I just want to clarify that.....uh....saint george groves is not in the.....err..... clergy huh huh huh huh"

Ginger hair affects patience
- George Groves 2013
Politicians answer from Froch there. Almost as slick as his shiny purple shirt/tie combo.
1 - 10 of 156 Posts
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