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Cloud-Hopkins / Thurman-Zaveck Live Discussion Thread

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On Sky Sports 2 (HD) from 8pm (UK Time):

20:10 - Danny Connor vs Chris Evangelou
21:00 - Lee Purdy vs Cosme Rivera
21:40 - George Groves vs Dario German Balmaceda
22:15 - Darren Barker vs Simone Rotolo

Times are estimates but that's the running order for the tv card.
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spencer ferron ringside, what fighter has he got on the bill???
A subtle pop at Warren and getting paid? Ginger-bread?
thought i heard him take a pop, was talking at the time but thought heard him saying something like, just signed and got a fight already lol
purdy is not worried about what rivera throws back, just walking forward throwing punches, looks like hes in damage control really laready...
tbh not really been impressed by purdy at all...
one paced fight, 10 years younger, over a stone heavier and rivera had only 1 weeks notice, shouldnt of expected too much really... job done though...
Groves now, yeah?

haha him and degale will be both be bald by the time they next fight, they both need the wayne rooney special...
Does @Teeto watch contemporary boxing? I never see him in the rbr's.
im not usually in here either, we record the fights and watch them with atleast 1hr delay, would give it away coming in here haha
i thought grooves looked abit ill or gaunt on ringside... hope he does better than booths last couple fighters!!!
I like Groves a lot but I'd piss myself if he lost tonight.
not as much as frank warren would lol
how did that homeless guy get into balmaceda's corner???
balmaceda is a tall cunt, he should try and box him abit try and keep groves off him...
how about george fighting the winner of abraham and steligliz (how ever you spell it)???
haha carl landing combos on frank warren with them comments!!!
wish i had steeguts, stomach feels shot after the fry up i had earlier
This is a pretty crap card overall tbh tonight
wouldnt of got that on a frank warren card! :war
darren 'vicious' baker *michael buffer voice* in round 3
like barkers pivoting and hip movement, wouldnt of thought he had that hip injury, his hands do look low, think hes wanting the guy to throw so he can find that counter... his timing seems bit off still though..
1 - 20 of 156 Posts
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