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Cloud-Hopkins / Thurman-Zaveck Live Discussion Thread

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On Sky Sports 2 (HD) from 8pm (UK Time):

20:10 - Danny Connor vs Chris Evangelou
21:00 - Lee Purdy vs Cosme Rivera
21:40 - George Groves vs Dario German Balmaceda
22:15 - Darren Barker vs Simone Rotolo

Times are estimates but that's the running order for the tv card.
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I agree with Watts card at the end of the 5th,
A subtle pop at Warren and getting paid? Ginger-bread?
"The new, spiteful Darren Barker" seems to be a popular phrase.
Murray, Macklin or Barker. I've no faith in any of them.
In the old days there'd be a good rivalry at domestic, Euro level but now theres enough relatively easy world title shots avaliable that it doesn't make sense for them to fight other other.
So that nights boxing was quality over quantity was it?
1 - 7 of 156 Posts
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