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Could the Pac shocker be an Arum masterstroke?

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Arum'll make a fortune with the already-signed Pac-Bradley II 'n no longer have to take heat for avoiding Mayweather.

It's win-win for him -- worthy of Don Corleone
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of course it is Arums doing

and it should not be glorified
I wrote an article for the main page but roe won't out it up

I'll just put it in here seen as though it's the same topic

What Kind of Corruption Are We Facing in Boxing Now?
It seems to be a dodgy decision is par for the course lately in boxing. What's going on here? 'British stoppages', bad decisions, fighters unable to get it on with fighters from different promotional camps, Ring magazine rankings almost as ambiguous as what goes on inside the thick of the alphabet soup. It has become all too normal and regular.

Last night Manny Pacquiao lost a fight that nobody sane thought he lost. In his previous fight, Manny Pacquiao won a fight that nobody sane thought he won. Two wrongs don't make a right, and neither do three. In April just gone, another world title fight involving Brandon Rios and Richard Abril, produced one of the most bitterly disputed decisions in world boxing. These are not fights like Khan-Peterson, Bellew-Cleverley, Degale-Groves, close fights which you can't argue with whose hand is raised either way. These are blatant robberies.

I've never been one for boxing politics, to be blunt, I hate everything in and around it. I just want to see fighters get the chances and the decisions they deserve. From Charley Burley to Junior Witter, the age old ducking and dodging (and not in the ring) has become too much for me to take with a smile. Today we have major feuds between business entities in the sport of boxing, all of whom are striving only to keep their shows completely in house. They want to put on fights between two fighters that they have full promotional rights too, and I can't blame them, because good business is good business. But this is hurting my sport, I need it to stop. We're never going to have Mayweather-Pacquiao, and we should have seen a trilogy of it by now.

Tim Bradley is a respectable warrior, but he lost last night. Juan Manuel Marquez, for me, has beaten Manny Pacquiao three times, the first two were very close, so I have no gripes, but the last one was clear as day, he was his opponent’s master. Marquez has walked away from that trilogy with no official victory to speak of.

If we're going to be cynical and assume the existence of corruption, and we have the right to, because we pay for the privilege to watch such terrible decisions, then we have to ask ourselves- to what extent will the powers that be go to to prevent a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight from occurring?
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part 2

If the decision last night to raise Tim Bradley's arm was made in the interests of a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight from happening, then I would much rather that these dark forces would have prevented it by doing the right thing in Pac Man's last fight (Marquez), which would be to make him the official loser of a fight which he did not do enough to win. But a good close fight with the Mexican legend could gave always lead to a fourth fight between the two if the decision was dubious, and these ever so crafty business men know that. Mayweather-Pacquiao is never happening, period. No matter what the event, measures will be taken to make sure that that fight is on hold, we just have to accept that that is permanent.

Personally, I was over it a long tme ago, I would rather have Mayweather and Pacquiao retire than go on not fighting each other. Boxings inability to deliver its biggest fight is only going to over shadow all the good in the sport whilst these two linger without fighting one another. I'm reading constantly on the likes of facebook about how boxing is dead. Most of these people have never heard much about Andre Ward, Chad Dawson, Nonito Donaire, and prospects like David Price and Guillermo Rigondeaux. Boxing will never die, but I wish we could loosen the choke hold on it. It doesn't help when those who are applying the choke hold are wearing balaclavas and have no identity to be revealed.

Terrible decision last night. Well done, Manny, well done Tim, and congratulations to Randall Bailey and his old equalizer.
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thanks lads, I think it was just that roe was busy today, it wasn't malicious that he didn't put it up like
hahaha nice,
The rematch will be huge whether we like it or not,,,,, and I fancy Manny will destroy Bradley 2nd time around.

I don't think Manny has lost his ability just yet, but he has lost his desire.

I was looking back through his last few fights:

Diaz: KO
Hatton: KO
Cotto: KO
Clottey: Glorifed sparing session
Margarito: A standing punch bag
Mosley: Bore fest
Marquez: Manny lost clearly
Bradley: Not physically taxing

He hasn't really been involved in many wars over the last 4 years. I'm not ignorant to think all those tough training camps & hookers wouldn't have had some effect on Manny.

There is plenty left in the tank if he still wants it.

I am not a Pacquiao fan, but everyone loves a redemption story. I still hold out hope that Manny & Floyd will eventually get it on.

Ironically I think there is more chance this fight will now happen. Especially if he KOs Bradley in the rematch.
fixed your post for you
Fixed? I didnt know it was broken.

It was bro. No worries, it's on the house.
aside from all this, and what happened....its amazing to think this was a world flyweight champ 14 years ago who is now mixing it with the best welterweights in the world.
true, fantastic fighter, he's given us a lot down the years
can someone link me to the pac-bradley fight? I wanna watch it again
thank you doug
thanks baj
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