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Could the Pac shocker be an Arum masterstroke?

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Arum'll make a fortune with the already-signed Pac-Bradley II 'n no longer have to take heat for avoiding Mayweather.

It's win-win for him -- worthy of Don Corleone
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Said this earlier, don't think it is.

The plus side of doing this is Pac-Bradley 2, that will make alright money but hardly a fortune. Bradley gets a lift, but will remain largely anonymous for the casuals.

The minus sides would be getting Pac a loss that could hamper his selling potential, will make the negotiations on a Floyd-fight harder for him, giving Mayweather an advantage in the pissing contest they have, possibly pissing off his money machine Pacquiao (who Bradley will never come even close to replacing)

Imo doesn't make much sense on his part. Just crappy officiating.
Also what would be Arums reasons for not wanting Mayweather-Pacquiao from happening? I can think of only two:

1. The risk of Pac losing (a big one in this fight), hampering his selling potential and giving Floyd the 1p4p status and a big advantage in the future. This is why I think he's trying to milk everything out of Pac for the time being, but will eventually this fight to be done. Arranging a loss for him would be... quite odd.

2. Personal disagreement with Floyd, that certainly exist, but there's no way he'll be letting something that petty get in the way of the jackpot he'll be getting from the fight.
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