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Danny Garcia's Dad

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What an absolute bloody moron. Anyone else instantly despise him?
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Garcia's Dad is making me a fan of Khan once again

Just when I think I'll never support Khan again after all his whining etc. a man comes along who makes Khan the good guy

He was just as bad before the Morales fight. Hopefully once Khan TKO's him in the 7th :)yep) he'll be a bit quieter from then on.

At least Khan shows a bit of respect and dignity before the fight.


PS.Predictions please. I love predictions.
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Oh shit, made a thread at exactly the same time. I'll meeeeeeeeerge
He did the same shit before the Morales fight but worse if I remember rightly. Jumping up and down like a clown. It's just disrespectful, I don't mind showmanship etc. but if it's not even you fighting? Nah lad
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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