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By Ian McNeilly and Ben Carey: BoxRec News can reveal that veteran Brixton heavyweight Danny Williams refused to take part in a doping control procedure after his most recent defeat - claiming he finally realised he had no place being in a boxing ring at all.

The 39 year-old was stopped in four rounds by German Christian Hammer on 28th September on a card in Niedersachsen, Germany.

He was knocked down in the first and fourth rounds in a challenge for the vacant WBO European title. To digress for a moment, the WBO continues to sink in terms of reputation, if that's even possible, by sanctioning the likes of Williams for any title - he was coming off two losses, one of them a quick stoppage.

According to a representative of the BDB (the German sanctioning board overseeing the event) Williams was asked several times to undergo the doping control but refused point blank.

'The Brixton Bomber' has been suspended for six weeks - but this is arising from Williams' level of performance and the result of the bout rather than his refusal to engage with the testing procedure. BoxRec News understands that it would be up to either the WBO or the body which granted Williams' licence to box - the Baltic League - to take action in that regard.

That might very well be irrelevant anyway, given Williams' current state of mind with regards to his current capabilities and his admitted lack of a future in the sport.

"I arrived at the arena two hours before the fight and expected to be drugs tested then," Williams told BoxRec News. "I began my warm up but the test never happened.

"After my performance I was so disgusted I decided to retire there and then. I didn't feel good in the warm up. I realised I'd been shot since 2007. I just asked myself, 'What am I doing here?'

"I packed my things up and was going to leave. They kept hounding me for a test but I just wanted to leave. I told them 'Do whatever you like, I'm done.'

"I've had countless drugs tests over the years. I've had 19 fights for either the British, Commonwealth, European or WBC titles. I've had loads of drugs tests and never failed one.

"What good would drugs do for Danny Williams now? I'm completely shot."

Asked why he has continued to box well past his best, Williams said: "I'm addicted. I've been boxing since I was 8. Plus, the likes of Paul Ingle and Michael Watson didn't have the chance to box as long as they could have done."

Despite Williams' stark self-assessment of his current abilities and his claims that he's definitely walking away from the sport, when asked why he didn't keep involved in the game through something like training, he ominously replied: "I'm addicted (to fighting). If I start training (others) I'm worried that I might get back into the ring again myself."
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