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Dark trade(Donald mcrae)

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Got this for Xmas last year, best book on the fight game i have read, spent time with a number of fighter's throughout the 90's, like Eubank, Benn, De la hoya , James Toney and Roy Jones. If any one hasn't read this, put it on your Xmas list.
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Ive always thought this book gets way overrated! Maybe its just me, McCrae spends too much time chatting on about South African childhood his gf who likes boxing etc etc. The Black Lights by Hauser is one of my favourites.
You've actually pointed out what I like most about it. It's one man's interactions, obsession and revulsion from the sport. He's showing how deeply it had invaded his world. All the interviews are fascinating for the relationships he built with the fighters, in particular, Toney and Tyson. The book would be a tedious, generic read without those asides. Same as Chris Jones' Falling Hard, it's not just about the fighters, it's about the writer AND the fighter.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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