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David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant - 25 March 2023

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Former champion vs former champion, the Mexican Monster takes on Sweet Hands on Showtime PPV in a fight that's been in the making for years now. Finally they'll get it on for the right to challenge the WBC champion, the dislike is genuine here, Benavidez says this won't go past 6.

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Benavidez doesn't really load up on anything, though, so he isn't all that easy to counter. He's so loose armed with his punches that there's no real tell as to what he is throwing. He can also lead with his jab and straight right with equal effect. His combination punching and stamina is a real problem for Canelo, who typically gasses after 8 rounds, even with his comparatively low work rate.

Benavidez is underrated defensively, also; he only squares up when he has someone hurt, but is otherwise very responsible and reasonably difficult to catch cleanly with any sort of consistency, as Plant just learned.

I've been wanting to see this fight for some time now and I hope it gets made. Canelo might win, but he'd be in for the fight of his life and take more punishment than he ever has in a boxing ring.
I think you are spot on about Benavidez. He didn't square up and really expose himself until Plant was in trouble and David was walking through his punches.
I do think the 1968 pound limit might be a problem for Benavidez, and I think he overtrained for this fight.. He was very light and looked gaunt before the fight. 166.5 is very light for him. And he couldn't get his punches off until later in the fight. I was surprised that he wasn't jabbing until late in the fight.
I also think if Kenny Baylwss' interruptions saved Caleb from being stopped a few times, and he was admonishing David when he should have been admonishing Plant.
Benavidez vs Canelo would be a great fight, but I think DB might be a tall order for Canelo. This was actually a bad night for DB, and in the end, Plant was struggling to survive. Canelo is better than Plant, but he has his pace that he likes to go. DB is much more active, and he doesn't have to worry about someone with foot speed like Plant. Should be a great fight. And I don't think there is any way Canelo can avoid it, unless he fights Romero
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You may be right about the weight, but I think that Plant's movement really offset a lot of what he wanted to do. I was very disappointed at Caleb's approach to this fight after all of the trash talk. He simply wanted to avoid any real action and steal the fight, and he would've succeeded if David didn't have such heavy hands. As soon as he started touching dude, all of the movement stopped and then it was just pure holding on for dear life.

It is now apparent that movers will trouble Benavidez going forward. Canelo's feet are much more stationary, though, and needs to get in range to land his shots. He's sort of tailor made for Benavidez, although his experience and skill still gives him a chance.

Bayless should be investigated and suspended for his poor display, btw.
I think Caleb fought as well as he could, but at the end, he was in pure survival mode.

I think Bayless should be suspended, too. He was clearly biased. He let Caleb survive by allowing Plant to hold so much, and interfering with the action.

As good as Canelo is, he is definitely tailor-made for DB. The fact that he is short makes it much more difficult for Canelo. David has a great jab, and he can fight inside and out. Canelo needs to fight at his range, and you make him uncomfortable, he's not so special.
Has anyone not the dramatic change in appearance of Plant's wife?
I disagree.

The biggest advantage a tall fighter has is the ability to just pull his head back into a safe zone. But Bena never does that. He relies mostly on blocking shots with his gloves, plus some lateral movement. Canelo will have all the advantages that a shorter fighter always has, with the most relevant one being that it's harder to throw an uppercut against a much shorter fighter. One of Bena's main weapons is the uppercut.

Bena is also somewhat susceptible to body shots, as he's tall and likes to keep his gloves high. Canelo's great and throwing hooks to the body, and being so short, it will be even harder for Bena to see them coming.

And finally, while Bena's #1 advantage is his exceptional hand speed, Canelo has the best defensive head movement in the sport today. If anyone can avoid / diffuse Bena's standard attack, it's Canelo. That means Bena will have to rely more on slower power shots, and that means fighting closer, where Canelo rules the land.
So you are saying that Canelo is a better infighter than DB? I hope you are not saying that, because Canelo likes is not an infighter and likes to have his own range. David is a much better infighter.

David does give up his body, but he's not stupid, and I don't he does that too much with Canelo. DB can keep Canelo at his own range with his longer jab, and the jab will probably determine who wins the fight. They both have very good jabs.

Canelo still gasses at the end of tough fights, so it will be interesting to see how this fight goes, if it happens.
I didn't say that at all. Canelo is great at exploding in then immediately getting out again. I said he's a great body puncher, which he is, and an advantage that will be amplified by the extreme height difference.

And yeah, Bena like to mix it up on the inside, more than you'd expect from such a tall fighter. - but one of his main weapons on the inside is the uppercut, which he won't easily land against a much shorter opponent. - And if he bends down to land it, Canelo will counter him into Thursday.

I love me some Benavidez, but I think Canelo has most of the advantages in this matchup..
To each his own, my friend. Let's see if Canelo even takes the fight.
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