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David Haye - Del Boy Chisora meet up/pub suggestions

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Theres a shitloads of people going to the fight on here, so I thought I'd add my two sense on where to go drinking.

Half Moon, Stepney Green

This is where I'll be heading. As you come out of stepney green station (district line), turn left and the pub is next door. It's a Weatherspoons, so expect cheap-ish drinks, and a bit of grub at reasonable prices. Not very lively tho. But you can jump on the district line right the way to Upton park

Canary Wharf

For those wanting a bit more life, get the DLR to West Inida Quay, and as you exit the station, you'll see 4 bars along the water front. All pretty good, the Weatherspoons is furthest away from the station, with the music pubs closest. From there, jump back on the DLR and got to West Ham, change and get district to Upton Park.

Hamilton Hall, Liverpool street.

This place is huge, and is attached to Liverpool street station. Always packed for football, not sure about boxing. Again, get the central line to Mile End, and change for a district line.

Upton Park

You have the Queens (come out of the station, turn right and you'll see it) or the Duke (come out of the station and turn left) which are ok but usually mobbed for football.

You also have the Bolyn Pub (out of the station, turn right and keep walking about 500 yards).


Come out of the station, following the road down the hill ad you'll see the Vic pub. Usually full of ICF on match day, and I expect the same. Nice pub tho.

If that doesn't take your fancy, carry on down the same road until you come to a big junction, take a left and follow the road. You'll come to The Village Wine bar (it's not a wine bar at all, it's just a pub). Again, not a bad drink.

Post fight

Stratford Casino

It's open 24 hours a day, reasonable prices, and you can have a gamble if that is your thing. ID needed!!!!

Old Street

There's about 200 bars in old street, just ask a cabbie to drop you in the centre. Aquarium nightclub is pretty good.


A bit further out, but if you want a fuck and a fight, that is your place.

Any questions, hit me up*****
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If you lot are having a beer at Upton park/Near the stadium, i'd like to come and have a beer.
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