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David Price Has Hired Gloria Allred In His Case Against Kash Ali

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Allred's public statement here:

"David Price was not a prostitute, legally paid for in Botswana and transported legally across national and continental lines. My client and Mr. Ali had no contract, documented, verbal, or otherwise, which stated that "love-biting" was consented to between them. Mr. Ali has now arrogantly and flagrantly contradicted himself numerous times. He has stated that Mr. Price and himself, disgustingly and disputatiously, were "friends with benefits" and that Price had bitten him on occasion as well. This contradicts his statement on Botswana, which he is now no longer referring to as a business trip but their "friendly getaway." It is absurd, completely and irreverently unbelievable, and it is plainly untrue. They were opponents, nothing more. This should've been a professional event where both men are treated with respect, courtesy and only legally scoring blows. It is a disgrace to pugilism and I am proud of my client for standing up for himself, figuratively and forthrightly. There are many people who are still threatened by strong, male boxers and what is worst of all is that there are so many male boxers who live in fear of wrongdoers of their own gender in 2019. The sense of male-on-male entitlement by men like Kash Ali is repugnant, arcane and other adjectives, with adverbs. We seek eighteen million of whatever currency we can get."

Allred has not backed down from the press conference where she demonstrated the bite on Price multiple times, leaving similar marks on his torso each time, often mumbling "that one doesn't look quite right, hold on, let me try it again."

Update: Kash Ali has Twattered private DM's and PM's of an unofficial and unverified David Price account requesting "dick pics" and "that special tattoo only your thighs can see."
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Fake news
Man, you guys were like my fourth and fifth best friends on the last site until ya'll went full corporate and sold out and ain't punk no more.
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