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David Price talks about his "week to forget"

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This week's blog comes fresh off the back of a very frustrating seven days!

It was confirmed last week that my promotor, Frank Maloney, will not have his contract renewed by Sky Sports which means that I'll no longer feature on the channel. Another small set back also developed last week when, due to circumstances outside of my control, I was informed that I'm no longer able to feature on the Atlantic City bill in July. Having fought in the USA as an amateur and trained in LA and Las Vegas on a number of occasions I was looking forward to making my US debut as a professional.

However, my training camp has already started and I'll continue working with Franny Smith as I'm hopeful of appearing 'across the pond' sometime in August. There has been lots of online speculation about who I'll fight when I get out to America, but I can categorically rule out Franny's suggestion of getting actor Carl Weathers to reprise his role as Apollo Creed aka The Count of Monte Fisto!

Having spent the last few weeks training hard in the gym it's easy to put the business side of the fight game to the back of your mind. In my opinion that's how it should be for a fighter because it's important that your focus is 100% on getting physically and mentally prepared. However, sometimes it's difficult not to let yourself get distracted by what's going on around you!

Obviously the Sky decision has come as a huge disappointment to all involved. Frank has worked in partnership with them for the last 23 years and, as a fight fan myself, I've grown up watching the likes of Lennox Lewis, Naseem Hamed and Ricky Hatton develop and flourish under the Sky banner. They have a proven track record of helping to build fighters reputations on a fantastic platform and to part company just as my own career is starting to progress nicely is a real shame. My focus now is to keep working hard in the gym and work towards fulfilling my own personal goals. I'm in good hands with Frank, who's talking to a number of potential broadcasters about my future fights, and the key for me is to leave the business side of things to the people around me.

Since I want to finish this week's blog on a lighter note I'll not mention England's performance from last night! I'll be running my first competition in next Monday's blog so if you want to be in with a chance of winning a pair of signed boxing gloves make sure you check back next week.
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I dont understand this move from Sky price is really getting a massive following now and making a name for hmself and they decide to drop him? I know he is probably a comparatively expensive fighter compared to other prospects but surely it would be worth it. Seems like SKy want the Hearn monopoly at any cost. Possibly hoping to force Price's hand to signing with Matchroom.
@wrmic - Define "massive following". Have the ratings for bills Price has headlined been that much higher than the usual Sky bills? Genuine question. Unless Price is drawing in large crowds at the gate or on the box then I get why Sky dropped Maloney - they only want to deal with Matchroom and neither they nor Maloney have any top heavyweights to oppose him.
I have to admit that you actually cant find any viewing figures for the bills that Price has headlined. That being said the have been up against extremely high figures on the BARB top 10 for that week unfortunately. I may have exaggerated when saying "massive following" I am only able to go by personal anecdotal evidence. That said in terms of at the gate yes he is a big draw and will be even more so since the fight with Sexton. I doubt they will be able to book anywhere smaller than an arena size for his next home fight. His fight with Sexton drew 2.5k. His win also produced a number of column inches and international attention and recognition.

Whilst these in themselves are not necassarily anything to get excited over. The trajectory for Price both in terms of his career and popularity is only going one way at the moment and that is up. The Sexton fight was his coming out party and he performed and people were talking about him the hype was building. It just seems nonsensical that when. Boxnation have Chisora/Haye Ch5 have Fury and all of those three are making waves and Price looking like a genuine contender in that mix for some reason Sky opt to drop him.
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