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David Price vs Audley Harrison?

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I've heard this fight minced about in rumours, if it comes off who takes it?

Is Audley a legitimate step up for Price? on the surface I think not but when considering, knockout victories over Sprott and Williams probably trumps Price's career so far.

Even though Price is the one on the up I think it's a legitimate cross roads fight with the winner of this hopefully taking on the loser of Haye-Chisora before stepping up to the world and euro scene.

The issue here is that Harrison will try baiting Price in and I think Price will happily take the bait and push Audley's shit in because he won't be sharp enough to unload his left hand. One concern is that I've seen Price hurt in the Olympics and if Audley catches him flush, ti'll be ihteresting to see how David stands up to it.

do you think this fight will come off/ If so who takes it?
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I don't mind this fight to be honest, I expect Price to stop Audley but if Audley lands himself it could get interesting.
Will Audley lets his hands go? I think BA might be right, Audley will try to cover up early doors and gets tagged in the process, Its also worth noting that Audley wont have the size and physical advantages he normally has, not that he really uses them anyway.
What's happening with Helenius? Is he still injured?
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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