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David Price vs Tony Thompson / Washed Up Heavyweight Prizefighter 14 RBR

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Liverpool card starts from 7 with Price due on at around 9:30. Anwar-McDonagh follows the main event.

Prizefighter runs from 8pm-11:30pm.

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Didn't think Satchell would be on yet.

Also Thompson's gonna knock Price out. I heard a rumour that he dropped David Haye in sparring..
4 reasons to watch Prizefighter over the Liverpool card?

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Eddie needs to fuck the knockout bonus and get the one on the right a boob job. No symmetry in this photo.
Is Bunce really doing the phone in show after til 2 am? :lol:
Rogie's winning this. He's the original prizefighter!
And the original prizefighter is through! Rogie's got this one easily tonight.
:lol: I genuinely love Rogan. I don't care what the people say.

He was just throwing bombs and then standing there going 'WHAT?'
Yeah. I'm laughing but Rogan is class. And this format definitely suits him.
Wait, Rogan was the underdog against Sosnowski? Don't get that at all. Would've thought Rogan would've been favourite there.
Lunny's definitely on something funny tonight :lol:
What's going on over at the bbb* then?

*Boring BoxNation Bill
"He's asked me to ask you to ask the guy next to you to join him in congratulating both boxers.."

Satchell beats Wilton by "wiiiide margins on the judges cards" - John Rawling.
Boring? :huh
I'm only messing, W.

Audley's up next though. Entertainment!
A-Force in top shape! Can't believe he's 1/7 though. Bertino's gonna win this :deal
Charlie >>>

Hopes she's doing well tonight, I remember her having a rough time in the crowd not too long ago and I was very much concerned for her.
Was Marcus McDonnell on fast forward then? How quick did he give those instructions?

WAR Audley :bbb

:rofl Audley's actually gone and done it. What a punch!
1 - 20 of 297 Posts
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