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David Price vs Tony Thompson / Washed Up Heavyweight Prizefighter 14 RBR

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Liverpool card starts from 7 with Price due on at around 9:30. Anwar-McDonagh follows the main event.

Prizefighter runs from 8pm-11:30pm.

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4 reasons to watch Prizefighter over the Liverpool card?

Eddie needs to fuck the knockout bonus and get the one on the right a boob job. No symmetry in this photo.
I love how shit prizefighter is. Two shot heavyweights rabbit punching the shit out of each other while the commentaors bang on about entertainment. It just about shades saturday night takeaway as a spectacle mind.
:rofl at Sos doing a cintron.
:lol: at his cornerman overly energetic yet strangely intermittant towel thrashing.
Here is my pre-fight prediction:

:lol: good shout.

why has bertino got a tattoo of a chain and cross?
BOOM. I BELIEVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Setbacks just set you up for Comebacks.

Untold Wisdom.
Hoffman is making me laugh and i don't know why.
Lewison looks and sounds like a diluted Chisora.
Lewison looks pretty good.
Edit: tha fuck is that stoppage?
I suppose one of the fights had to be a dud.
Not a massive punch tbh, just in awkward place.
anyway :lol:
1 - 20 of 297 Posts
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