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David Price vs Tony Thompson / Washed Up Heavyweight Prizefighter 14 RBR

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Liverpool card starts from 7 with Price due on at around 9:30. Anwar-McDonagh follows the main event.

Prizefighter runs from 8pm-11:30pm.

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What the hell is Satchell playing at with the Sugar Ray Leonard routine??
He needs to sign with Matchroom and get some American sparring.
Tyson fury must be pissing himself
He should have took the money and done it himself, eh?:yep
What do people make of Stalker then? Hard to rate on this admittedly.
He's too old.
Steve Bunce and Barrie Jones saying that David Price needs to get an immediate rematch. Don't see the point in that at all. Wouldn't end well.
I'm not sure enough happened in tonights fight to make any confident call on a rematch. It didn't tell me much other than to confirm Prices chin hasn't improved sinces the Ams and he maybe needs to look at ways of using his height to protect it more.
1 - 8 of 297 Posts
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