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David Price vs Tony Thompson / Washed Up Heavyweight Prizefighter 14 RBR

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Liverpool card starts from 7 with Price due on at around 9:30. Anwar-McDonagh follows the main event.

Prizefighter runs from 8pm-11:30pm.

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Greg Wallace is going to be there.

David Burke making his comeback at the age of 38 after over 7 years out of the ring.
Burke dropped in the 4th from a right hand.
Burke down again in the 4th and doesn't need a count.

That's why you don't come back.
Satchell-Wilton up next.
Wilton cut over the right eye. Mick Williamson goes to work.
What's going on over at the bbb* then?

*Boring BoxNation Bill
Boring? :huh

Satchell wins 119-112, 119-110, 118-111.
10-9 Hamilton.
20-18 Hamilton.

Anwar's opponent. Not the best preparation for a British title fight.
30-27 Hamilton.
Hamilton 40-36
Hamilton 50-45. Looking to put a dent in Williams now.

Williams has not been in this fight for a second.
70-63 Hamilton.

Fearon getting a bollocking for being too mouthy.
80-72 Hamilton.
90-81 Hamilton.
1 - 20 of 297 Posts
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