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David Price vs Tony Thompson / Washed Up Heavyweight Prizefighter 14 RBR

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Liverpool card starts from 7 with Price due on at around 9:30. Anwar-McDonagh follows the main event.

Prizefighter runs from 8pm-11:30pm.

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So Thompson has come in seemingly unprepared I take it?:lol:

That's a shame, on paper he's definitely a very good test for Price but it was difficult enough to distinguish how much he would have left after the Wlad fight without him then coming in overweight.
Rogan did well not to gas himself out by going mental on the attack when he had Sosnowski hurt. Seemed content with knowing that it was enough to take the rounds and that he had to pace himself for the rest of the night.
Charlie >>>

Hopes she's doing well tonight, I remember her having a rough time in the crowd not too long ago and I was very much concerned for her.
You've put yourself in her friendzone and she doesn't even know you.
I have never put myself/anyone else in the friendzone. Not even ugly ones, because there's always the chance I could have some kind of heinous accident, in which case I'll have to settle for whatever I can get.

Don't hate on what myself and Charlie have.
Lewison's moobs, DEAR GOD LEWISON'S MOOBS!
Dude looking at the camera when answering Charlie's questions instead of at her.

That's right pal, eyes off.
@Lunny is throwing tomatoes at his TV right now, re-living the moment of the Fury fight again.
National anthems for fights that don't involve the Irish one/one of those lovely upbeat central/South American ones <<<<<
:stonk I'm dying here, I have imploded.:stonk

I don't even dislike Price, but I'm laughing uncontrollably here. No idea why.
:lol: Surreal stuff.

Tyson fury must be pissing himself
*Lunny loads up more tomatoes*
Both with good interviews. Props.

"Liverpoolians", "that sissy Tyson Fury" and Maloney looking upset are all good things in my book.
That was a beautiful left hand to be fair.
1 - 16 of 297 Posts
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