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David Price

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Tweeted earlier on that his people tried to make the Fury fight on channel 5 two weeks ago.
He must be regretting not taking the £100,000 off Hennessy now that Sky have fucked him off.
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TBH how long did Channel 4 have Sesame Street?. Big Bird could well become a star on Channel 5...

After Chisora loses next week i'd like to see him vs Price. I want to see Price face some problems in a fight. Is he a flat track bully?. I want to see him answer some questions. I don't even think he's lost a round in his career yet has he?. Not his fault he's doing his job with a + all the time but i still reserve judgement on him. Impressive but we've seen people in past come undone when forced into a fight.

Fury gets a lot of stick but he's talented, I have no problems with him stepping down in level to develop his skills. Mick's protecting his main man for obvious reasons. The lad had a ill child, his head was a total mess and he was walking a tightrope in fights but entertaining the fans in quick succession may i add. Now he's had a few soft touches to just tweak a few things.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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