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Dennis Shafikov against Britain's light welterweights

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The European 140lb champion defended his title at the end of last month with a UD over Brunet Zamora. He fought on these shores earlier in the year against Lee McAllister, a contest which saw the Scot retire with an arm injury.

Surely Shafikov could be tempted back over to the UK or N.I. It's not like we've got a shortage of opponents.

Khan and Olusegun occupy slots 1 and 2 in the European rankings, but they've got other agendas obviously. At 3 is McCloskey and we also have Daws, Hamilton and Theophane in the top ten.

So how would Shafikov do against these four plus any others that you'd like to mention. (Alex Arthur told me he's not interested in going back for a European title.)

He's on youtube if you haven't watched him fight.
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I honestly reckon Khan and Olu are the only ones who would decisively beat him. I could see him stopping McCloskey and he's in a different league to the likes of Theophane and Daws. I can't see their promoters trying to bring him over though, he's a big risk and the reward isn't great at all.
So we're saying Shafikov is potentially world class? Is he a legit threat to the contenders?
I'm not sure I'd call him world class, just yet. But he's a tricky, skilled and physically strong Light Welterweight with an awkward style who I think would cause a lot of problems to the more conventionally styled domestic boxers over here. I can't imagine him having problems with Theophane, and he's one of the better british LWW's (or so it seemed :yep). Khan who is world class would have too much for him and Olusegun who isn't a world class fighter in my opinion (a level below) is just a level above Shafikov from what I've seen. I think Shafikov would be a good test for any contender in the division but I think he'd be beaten by most top 5/10 fighters if I'm honest.
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