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Deontay Wilder KOs Frank Warren

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"With the Chisora fight, you know, my promotion company told them to hold up on the press conference, don't announce it yet. Because I came across a little issue about me travelling and stuff like that. But you know then the Promoter Warren or whatever. You know, I've heard a lot of bad things about that man. I aint never heard anything good, I don't know him personally, so I'm just going off what I heard. He a evil man, he's like the Don King of the UK. I've got friends back in the UK that tells me that. But he's decided to do what he's wanted to do and still say the fights on, people still paying their money. That was the only issue, I was excited about the fight. I excited about fight Chisora. easy fight for me I was excited to come back to the UK so quickly."

Later on in the interview, the subject was breached again, with regards to the tickets still being sold:

"I think that is one of the most low-down act you can ever do, still trying to make money out of people, some people scrape all their money just to see a great fight, they don't really have it to spend. This dude is still telling people this fight is on. Its sad that this man is still promoting this fight and people are spending their hard earn money, thinking they are going to a fight that not going to be happening at this current time". Wilder, went on to say "he needs his ass whooping".

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G'waan Deontay, almost hope you don't get brutally sparked in your next fight now.
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