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Deontay Wilder Vs Kertson Manswell

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From last night. Wilder needs to step it up now.
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I quite like Wilder. He is inexperienced but he's with a very knowledgeable coach and I think he is improving, even though we've not seen him tested yet. Beck and Manswell aren't tough opposition but he dismantled them both with ease, which is a good sign. He needs to keep on fighting tougher opposition and hopefully in about two years time, he'll be ready to fight for a title. There's no reason to rush him, I don't think, and I'm sure he'll continue to improve in the gym.

He seems to have really impressive power and a good sign for me is that he is finally looking like a proper heavyweight rather than a scrawny basketball player. He was 217lbs against Beck, which is too light for someone who is 6'7". I hope he weighs in at around 230-235lbs for his next bout, which would be a good weight for him especially if that muscle goes onto his legs.
I'd agree with this but like Unknown Poster says it is also quite difficult to tell if he is getting because his level of competition hasn't changed. He's doing the exact same thing now that he was a few years ago. Overall though I'd say he is a faily good prospect and in my opinion has the potential to be a title holder at HW. In addition to his obvious power I feel that he has another quality which is quite rare for someone so young and that is patience. He doesn't just go swinging like a madman looking for the KO he is patient and waits for the right shot and thats something which will serve him well.
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