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Dillian Whyte


Amateur: 6 fights winning 5 by knockout and beat Antony Joshua on his debut, dropping him in the process.

Pro: 7(4)-0

So far has been fed a strictly East European diet along with the guy on every CW/HW's record Hastings Rasani. He has won all of them with relative ease.

Upcoming fights

Mike Holden is next up. British champion 12 years ago and without a win since 2002. He has seemingly been picked to get a "former British champion" on his record. Scheduled to fight on the Price/Audley undercard.


He is managed by Chris Okoh (former Commonwealth CW champ) and promoted by Frank Maloney.


Former British Kickboxing Champ.
Has fought in MMA.
Has sparred with David Price, David Haye, Wlad Klitsckho and Derek Chisora.
He has such a limited amateur record because of a dispute with the ABA over his kickboxing background.

Judging by interviews and twitter he seems to have a brilliant attitude; focused, determined and grounded.

Last fight

So then:

How far will he go?

How do you think he'll be managed/promoted?

Does anyone know anything more about him?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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