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Do Ifilm London, Ellie sechbach etc get paid?

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How does it work with these guys? Sechbach in particular is a strange case as he'll upload videos in some random laundrette asking James toney stupid questions, is someone paying him to do this? Because he's about as legit as apollo James Jackson imo.

Like I say it just seems strange, Ifilm doesn't seem like a real company since they just shoot YouTube vids on a handycam yet they seem to get everywhere.
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Helder was a gym instructor at the gym i was going to, Not sure if he's jacked it in but haven't seen him for a long while. Lad i work with worked for the GLL and claimed the pays crap so maybe Helder throw lot in with Ifilm from them on. Kugan clearly doesn't like the question being raised tends to be edgy around it. I think they make a few quid personally.

Good luck to them, Elie i think Daddy funds them trips IIRC. Does a lot of video's to his credit but he can often ruin good interviews from other people or his own by asking utterly stupid questions.
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