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Do you enjoy watching knock outs?

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Just wondering if you watch a fight in anticipation of a knock out? To me it's pretty much neither here nor there. Having said that, I did quite enjoy watching Tyson's first 20 fights when they showed them a few years ago on ESPN classic. It was a bit like an Alien film, you knew people were going to get it but just not how.
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i dont think i watch boxing for knockouts, but then i think we all do really, if somebody had 30 wins no knockouts, compared to someone with 25 but 24 kos and 5 losses, i reckon we'd prefer to see the guy who can bang, its part of andre wards problem, he is a great great boxer, but is there the mainstream hype around him as there was when pacman was decimating his opposition? However i do love ko's as an equaliser, when someone is behind on the cards but you know they have the power to end it, thats why we love endings like Froch-Taylor
I love watching a real back and forth contest, where the favour swings back and forth, a real battle of wills. One of the best fights for me in recent years, that wasn't really much of a technical fight but more of a war was froch v pascal. A great fight between two guys who were on pretty much the same level at the time. A KO would probably have ruined the fight as a spectacle, so in one sense i'm glad no one got KO'd in that fight.
I think that a KO can be a by product of someone who is a great technical fighter. Someone like Floyd for example.
I think saying you are not a fan of KO's in boxing is like saying you don't enjoy your footies team scoring goals to be honest
:deal its what we watch for, whether we think we do or not, theres a reason punchers are so popular
i didnt like seeing Alvarado get ko'ed against Rios, that was a real good fight from start to finish, with momentum changing all the time, was a bit gutted it finished so early, would like that to have gone on
:deal Add to the fact that Rios is a massive bellend too.
i thought it was just me that didnt like him! i cant quite put my finger no why i want him to lose so much, i think its the freddie roach parkinsons thing, coupled with the fact he got an absolute gift against Abril
The roach thing was terrible, also cant quite remember if it was the same 24/7, but when he was joking with margarito getting his hands wrapped and bought in a slab of concrete pretending to tape it up, I was disgusted how they could even joke about it when margarito had been caught red handed (no pun) trying to cheat. The abril decision was a joke, loved when abril slapped him at the press conference, that soon shut him up from talking shit about gamboa!

Dont get me wrong, rios-alvarado was potentially FOTY, just a shame that twat had to be the victor. Would love to see one of matthysse or broner in with him, shame it wont happen though.
finally ive found someone else who doesnt like him. ye i really want him vs matthysse as an eliminator for garcia, matthysse would declare war
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