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Do you enjoy watching knock outs?

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Just wondering if you watch a fight in anticipation of a knock out? To me it's pretty much neither here nor there. Having said that, I did quite enjoy watching Tyson's first 20 fights when they showed them a few years ago on ESPN classic. It was a bit like an Alien film, you knew people were going to get it but just not how.
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Yeah a spectacular KO does widen the eyes no doubt, but as a fan i can take them or leave them. Prefer to see a good technical battle.
I like them but I don't really enjoy the brutal ones you see coming,say when one fighter is exhausted and you can see a bad KO on its way.
Like when you know the ref should have stepped in, especially if they have been dropped already. Even though some fighters want to go out on there shield you don't want to see them take any unnecessary punishment.
I love watching a real back and forth contest, where the favour swings back and forth, a real battle of wills. One of the best fights for me in recent years, that wasn't really much of a technical fight but more of a war was froch v pascal. A great fight between two guys who were on pretty much the same level at the time. A KO would probably have ruined the fight as a spectacle, so in one sense i'm glad no one got KO'd in that fight.
I think that a KO can be a by product of someone who is a great technical fighter. Someone like Floyd for example.
I think saying you are not a fan of KO's in boxing is like saying you don't enjoy your footies team scoring goals to be honest
There are a few instances where a KO could spoil a great war between 2 evenly matched fighters, usually they cant put the other fella away because they are so similar.
I would certainly agree on this, esp with froch and pascal. Obvbiously their careers have taken different paths, but at that particualr moment in time there was not much to choose between them, both have very solid chins.
They both matched well in toughness, pascal had the edge in speed early doors, but fatigued down the stretch where Froch stamina held up. might watch it again in a bit ha ha.
I think Froch against Kessler is another good example of this.

We're fight fans, we love a good knock out, but I agree that a KO, especially early doors, can spoil what is otherwise a very evenly contested fight.
Yeah man, you could throw Holyfield v Bowe 1 and Morales v Pac 1 in the mix as well.
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